This site is intended as:

*a forum for the informal display and discussion of artwork for artists and crafters within the  veterinary profession

*a point source of information for those who may wish to purchase art and craft work directly from the crafter/artist for items offered for sale.

*a means to provide financial support to the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative (CWHC), a consortium located at all of Canada's veterinary colleges, through its McEachran Fund for Ecosystem Health Research since participating artists would donate a percentage commission of sales attributable to the web site, comparable to that paid a gallery selling artwork.


Join us! Its simple and free!


1. Send an email to Bill Sterritt (68 OVC) at sterritb@aol.com with your full name, year and college of graduation and a brief description of your creative interests.


2. Bill will send you an electronic invitation to join by return email. Complete and submit it.

NOTE: To join you will need to establish a free account with WIX  (the web tool used to create this site).  Follow the prompts on the invitation or go to wix.com and click on the Get Started button. Click on Sign Up and follow the prompts. Quick and easy!

3. You will then be assigned a page on this site to which you can add images and text from your personal electronic device(s) and have editorial control over what is posted to or removed from this page. You will also be able to view the pages of other contributors.


While not mandatory, contributors are encouraged to include contact information on the page. You can also post to a forum by clicking on the Forum button.